We aren't just a band, we are a social change platform

Bridging the natural world of analog to the fast paced digital. We transcend genres of dream pop, electronic shoegaze, grunge & sound healing to champion social change, sustainability, & indigenous ethos. Embracing a dream to life ethos of reindigenization we champion and lead implementation of education & arts-centered sustainable agriculture (permaculture) solutions locally to globally to champion lasting positive changes that are possible & available to all.

Proxevita is not just a band, we are a social change platform elevating & amplifying sustainability & the spirit of our biodiverse & vibrant ecosystem through music & nonprofit work with the Winston-Salem Permaculture Collective 501(c)(3) aka @southsidefoodforestwsnc and the International Human Rights Consortium 501(c)(3) @international.human.rights 

Proxevita band members Laura (vocals+synth+live mixing+production) & Andi (bass+production+sound designer) are inaugural founding members of the Arts and Culture Working Group as well as international youth artist delegates of Create 2030, artists for the UN SDGs! Laura also serves as the regional lead of North American youth for the Arts and Culture Working Group.

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